Saturday, 24 August 2013

Poem Hunting - A Journey Along the A1 - 24/08/13

The adventure into a new life begins,
blessed by hazy sunshine.

Let's be bold!

We sail south through purples and greens
to the piper's call.
And so the wheel turns,
a battle to widen perspectives,
while giants slumber.
The crows carry out their moorland inspections,
oblivious of our intent.

We each hold the key to other hearts
and delight in opening our arms
to embrace all lost and found.
A butterfly's blessing skims overhead
as we glimpse sanctuary.
We are not lost, recovery is within our grasp,
under the watchful gaze of the ancients.

Seeds are sown, questions dispersed
on the summer breeze...

Can we make more space in our living for time to play?
Be the best you can be, comes the reply.

Shadows cast on concrete;
ghosts of flowers long since gone.

Do we qualify for the life we seek?
It is for us to decide whether
the slightest slip will spell disaster;
or will we soar like angels on fearless wing?

Dream on, seek the poetry in changing landscapes.
Raise your hopes aloft and cradle your fears.
Bridge the gap of your existence with patient serenity
until your purpose reveals itself from your darkest moment.
We quench the thirst of our soul
with questions from our inner knowing.

Every once in a while, stop long enough
to feel the grass beneath your feet
and listen to the wisdom of  trees.
Be sure to rejoin the path,
but only take what you can carry.

We are all poets and this is our soul journey,
the destination is of our choosing.

Are we enough?

(c) Caren Gilbert