Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Let All Things Flow

Like fish, we swim in the stream of nature's laws,
Each day a reminder of the need for change.
The path we tread twists and turns to its own rhythm,

Agility of spirit is a skill for survival in this realm.
Lost and found will be neatly balanced in the final analysis,
Let truths spill freely from wounds of heart and mind.

Trust in letting go, in walking away, let release be.
Hope is the thing with feathers, not for clutching, but born to soar.
In the darkest hour, shine a light in the place where you cling, and believe;
Nets hang in the gloom, to catch any and all who fall.
Grief is the balm to soothe the knocks and dents of this life,
Sit with only tears for company until the melancholy is fully sated.

Find pleasure in the arrivals that follow every departure,
Let anchors steady you in the turmoil of existence.
Open your eyes, ears and heart to cosmic truths when they find you.
Wake up with questions and do not slumber until your answers are discovered.

(c) Caren Gilbert

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