Thursday, 12 September 2013

Travel Through My Lenses

Too often I abstain from sharing who I am
Reluctant to lay bare my bones
An apparition is all you will see, when you try to see the real me
Visit my mind, my soul or my heart
Expand your view until you tug at the seams
Let my horizons broaden the lay of your land

Take my hand and stroll through leafy dell
Hold my heart in yours for a short while
Recalculate all that you thought you knew
Open your mind and let me walk through it
Unite in my purpose until it makes sense
Go deeper into my words, as far as you're able
Hear my soul's song crash over you

Meet me in the moonlight and set your star stuff free,
You are clearer to me now

Lose yourself and let me find you
Expectation spurs me on in this quest
Nothing is impossible when seen through my eyes,
Savour the vision of what might be
Escape the chains that weigh you down
Sanctuary is a heartbeat away

(c) Caren Gilbert

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